Paige vs. Naomi vs. Nikki Bella for Divas Championship

This match is interesting for the sheer fact that its Naomi’s to lose. Naomi is the best athlete of the three and she just turned on both of the ladies, and created an allegiance with Tamina Snuka, who is playing the Bodyguard role.

The problem for the three women in this match is that the women of NXT are putting on tremendous matches night after night. One or more of the women from NXT could make a showing here and help out Paige for the victory, since Nikki has her sister Brie Bella in her corner and Naomi has Tamina. Could be Sasha Banks or Charlotte, (Ric Flair’s daughter)

……But maybe that will be tomorrow night, when RAW takes place in San Antonio, Texas. I’ll stick with the new champion in Naomi.

WINNER: NAOMI, New Divas Champion

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