giants early-season futility
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There was nothing nice to say about the Giants’ Week 1 loss at MetLife Stadium vs. the Cowboys. That’ll happen when you lose 40-0 and fit a whole season’s worth of futility into four quarters of football.

It couldn’t get any worse during their Week 2 matchup in Arizona against the Cardinals, right? Right?! Unfortunately, you’d be wrong about that.

Big Blue immediately put themselves in a hole, as the Cardinals built up a 20-0 lead by halftime. That’s led to this horrific stat literally nobody was expecting to see prior to New York’s season-opening kickoff:

The saddest part about this post? The “or more” part. It’s like them saying, “Look, this is way too depressing of a stat to look up. We’re not going to see how much worse it gets because it’s not worth the pain.”

And, you know what? I feel that on a spiritual level. We had gotten so conditioned to watching meaningless football early in the season in recent years. Getting to watch the Giants actually play for something into January was such a treat.

I know the regime is different and they’re just a year removed from shocking everyone around the league. But still, Big Blue’s performance on the field feels like we’re just right back in that dark place again. And I don’t like it.

At this rate, I’m not even asking for a win (like most of us predicted on Friday). Let’s just score some points, please.

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