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After an offseason of anticipation, sitting down to watch the Giants get their butts whooped by the Dallas Cowboys felt like the letdown of the century. It could’ve been worse, though. You could’ve been at MetLife Stadium to watch it in person.

There were plenty of Big Blue fans in East Rutherford to witness the 40-0 beatdown. As you can imagine, it was not an enjoyable experience, pretty much from start to finish. A team’s performance on the field certainly colors how many fans view their gameday experience, which is why these survey answers are probably absolute gold:

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This is obviously an automated email that likely doesn’t get looked at very often throughout a season — if at all. But still, this is just another opportunity for Giants fans to relive a nightmarish Sunday night at MetLife.

Surveys such as these are more geared toward the type of service fans are getting from stadium staff. I’m sure many responders stuck to discussing their overall experience during the game. But then again, these are New York sports fans we’re talking about. You know there were plenty of responses focused on how badly the on-field product was.

It’s a given, just like Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 News Team.

As I’ve thought about this awful Week 1 performance for Big Blue, it’s hard to find a more unhappy experience for Giants fans. New York got its butt whooped in historical fashion. It was also raining quite hard for most of the night. And if you stuck around to watch this entire thing? You then had to deal with whatever crowd was left to leave the property, which is never smooth.

That’s like the holy trifecta of sadness right there.

Regardless of how good the gameday experience was for fans outside of the game itself, everyone will need some time to recover from that. Thankfully, the next Giants home game isn’t until Week 4.

That’s a Monday Night Football showdown vs. the Seattle Seahawks on October 2nd. In fact, Week 2 begins a stretch of four road games over a five-week span for Big Blue. Based on what happened Sunday night, we all need a break before being brave enough to see the Giants play in person again.

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