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The Giants came into this past offseason with lots of important decisions to make. Clearly, the one general manager Joe Schoen and Co. prioritized the most was getting quarterback Daniel Jones signed to a multi-year deal. Even after a career year in 2022 for the signal-caller, he’s coming into 2023 with plenty to prove to some people.

Skeptics have been coming out left and right for Jones after he agreed to that four-year, $160 million contract to remain with Big Blue. One NFC executive thinks the criticism doesn’t make a lot of sense, though.

In ranking each NFL team’s young talent, FOX Sports pegged the Giants at no. 12. However, the following comments from that exec are what should catch the eye of many (h/t Giantswire):

I laugh every time I hear someone questioning the Giants for giving him that $160 million (contract). When you’ve got a quarterback like that, you don’t let him walk. And this guy has all the tools. There are only a handful of guys in this league who can both run and throw like that. And I keep coming back to this: Look at what he did with nobody around him. I mean nobody. He had no help and he carried that team to the playoffs. He’s got better weapons this year. Not great, but better. If they can protect him, he’s going to be a top-10 (quarterback). Just watch.—NFC executive

Well, that’s an interesting opinion. Based on what we’ve seen from other analysts over the past few months, it’s also an unpopular one. He’s certainly right about the offensive weapons improving around him compared to last year. But I also wouldn’t say there was absolutely nobody around him as the Giants clinched a playoff berth.

Sure, the wide receiver room was quite barren. He did have Saquon Barkley in the backfield with him, though. Barkley’s production took a downturn after the Giants’ bye week, but he was still Daniel Jones’ most important (and most consistent) weapon.

We’ll see if Jones can prove this executive right and all the haters wrong in the coming months.

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