Daniel Jones
Rich Barnes | USA TODAY Sports

Zach Bryan was in Forest Hills on Saturday night. Daniel Jones ended up getting on stage to sing backup vocals. And while everyone is zigging on Bryan, an Eagles fan, dropping a “Go Birds” on Jones, the Giants’ quarterback, we will zag.

Getting on stage at a country concert and crooning is exactly what franchise quarterbacks are supposed to do. It is a classic example of “franchise swag,” to borrow a term from Eagles beat reporter/aspiring big league slugger Eliot Shorr-Parks.

Jones got paid like a star quarterback*. And now he is spending his summer like one. Paul Dottino has begun planning the Super Bowl parade already.

* — For the next two seasons, at least. Because the fine print of Jones’ deal makes it quite clear the Giants can dump him after the 2024 season. And that truth will become immediately magnified if and when Jones struggles to build off his 2022 performance and/or the Giants regress to the mean. And we expect the latter will occur this fall. So we should not put Jones in the Ring of Honor quite yet.

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