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The Mets are heading to Pittsburgh after going 0-for-Atlanta (again). But hey, they shouldn’t worry because manager Buck Showalter is still proud of them.

In each of the three games New York played against the Braves this week, they had a multi-run lead. And on all three occasions, Atlanta came back to win. If you’re wondering how rare that is, the Braves hadn’t done it in the modern era before this week:

Leave it to the Mets to not only get swept but to get swept in the most agonizing way possible, right? Any level of swagger they had heading into this series has likely disappeared. They may also be without their premier slugger for an extended period of time, which is just great.

The vibes are not immaculate right now. But don’t tell that to Showalter, who is proud of his club for battling the way they did.

This brings strong Mickey Callaway vibes, and I’m not a fan. Once again, I see no problem in trying to build your squad up after three demoralizing losses (as part of a six-game losing streak). But, Buck — read the room, dude. You know nobody in the fan base is going to want to hear stuff like this.

Also, how does it sound when you say, “We used every arrow we had” and still came up short three days in a row? Not good, and not like a postseason contender. I’m still a believer in the sense that the Mets need a Terry Collins-esque pregame pep talk before it’s too late.

Showalter and the Mets are trying to find positives during a horrific stretch of play. There’s value in that. Really, there is. Baseball is hard, and it’s a game of failure. If you only focus on the things that are going wrong, it will devour you.

But, for the love of all that is holy, keep that kind of stuff inside the clubhouse. It just sounds like they’re touting moral victories here. And if there’s one thing New York sports fans hate more than a lack of effort, it’s moral victories.

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