We were going to ignore the whole Josh Hart breast milk thing because some things should be ignored. Not everything that is done and said on the internet needs to be made into a post.

But then ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith got involved on his Audacy podcast. And we cannot let his courage go without celebration.

Actual words said by Smith, via Awful Announcing: “Now, I’ve never been inclined to taste breast milk. I like breasts. You don’t have to be a baby to like breasts. Matter of fact, one could easily argue there are adults who like breasts more than babies. However, breast milk is a different matter.”

It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to make such a personal comment. And then he pivots to a Dave Chappelle sketch! This is why Smith is an all-time great.

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Free idea: They should bring “Loveline” back solely for Smith to be a guest. Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew and Stephen A. It would be electric. The guy loves to talk about sex as much as his buddy, Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo, loves to talk about old NBA players.

Smith’s kicker was great too: “Josh Hart is a weird one. But he is somebody I hope remains a New York Knick.” Amen. Keep the main thing the main thing and bring him back.

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