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Starting pitcher Jacob deGrom no longer plays for the Mets. It was a gut punch when that initial news hit the interwebs, but so much has happened since then that the sting has lessened dramatically.

It’s still there for many Mets fans, though. Especially when he shows up on any screen with his Texas Rangers jersey on.

One particular fan was enjoying the Mets’ home opening win on Friday afternoon at Citi Field with The 7 Line Army. But while Tylor Megill tossed six strong innings and New York hung nine runs on the Marlins, he was still thinking about New York’s former ace:

It’s a clever troll job. I’ll give him that. But really? You’re going to spend money on a custom jersey and do this with it? Maybe I’m just not enough of a hardcore fan, but I’d never do anything like this.

I also feel like this jersey will get reactions on both ends of the spectrum. It’s not like a fan will walk by him at Citi Field and just shrug their shoulders. They’ll either stop to share a high-five or shake their head in disgust. That’s just what happens these days for Mets fans regarding Jacob deGrom.

Even though this wouldn’t be my cup of tea, I can admire his dedication to the troll job. My guess is he’ll be back at Citi Field at some point between August 28th and 30th when the Rangers are in town later this season. And if “deGone” is scheduled to pitch on any of those days, that’s the one he’ll be attending.

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