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As the Jets wait to find out if Aaron Rodgers wants to play football next year (and would be willing to do so in New York), Gang Green is keeping other options open. One of those is Derek Carr, who recently became a free agent after the Las Vegas Raiders released him.

Before hitting the open market, Carr visited the New Orleans Saints to see if getting traded there would work. It didn’t for the signal-caller. He’s still open to chatting with the Saints. However, he planned on using his no-trade rights to block any deal Vegas would try to make.

With an offense that has plenty of weapons, New York’s “missing piece” is a capable quarterback to get them over the top. At least, that’s what team owner Woody Johnson has publicly stated. While Carr’s fit on the Jets makes a lot of sense, there were whispers as to whether he’d even consider them. After all, he’s been a west-coast guy his entire football life and New York isn’t for everyone.

Well, we can put those thoughts to rest for the time being. Carr’s free-agency tour will continue this weekend when he visits the Jets:

Whether Carr seriously considers the Jets as he eventually makes a final decision is yet to be seen. But still, it’d be foolish for him to not at least listen to what New York has to say. There are several teams in need of a quarterback, and Carr finds himself in a unique situation to take his time and decide what’s in his best interest and the most ideal fit.

As for the Jets, it’s no secret why this makes sense. Even if Rodgers is their preferred option, they can’t just sit around and wait for him to decide what he wants to do. If his decision isn’t a favorable one for Gang Green, they’ll need to pivot quickly. Meeting with Derek Carr to see if a fit exists is the best way to accomplish that. Among other things, too.

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