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Gregg “Gio” Giannotti brought his blowtorch following Kevin Durant’s overnight trade.

The WFAN morning show host ripped into Durant and Kyrie Irving, saying the ex-Nets “suck” and represent everything wrong with the NBA and professional sports in an impassioned rant to open Thursday’s program, hours after Durant was shipped to the Suns and days after Irving was traded to the Mavericks.

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“These two guys. I’m sorry, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, that you’re the poster boys for this. But you are,” Giannotti said. “These two guys are why people are turned off by the NBA, turned off by superstars in sports. Because of this behavior. And there is nobody, absolutely nobody, that can relate to this. Not a single person with any other job in the world can relate to this behavior.

“And it’s a turnoff. We’re paying attention to it because this is what we do. But if I was just a regular guy going to work and I was seeing what is going on here in the NBA, when the product in the regular season absolutely sucks, I wouldn’t come running back to watch these guys. There’s nothing about them that is endearing. There is nothing about them that you want to show your kids and go, ‘Here, look at this, this is a super star.’ The memories you’re going to have, like I had of Michael Jordan, or I had with Patrick Ewing.

“These guys suck. Every single decision they made sucks. The way they handled themselves sucks. They’re babies. And Kevin Durant was supposed to be above all of that. Instead, he goes in the offseason and requests a trade. That doesn’t work out. He threatens to fire the general manager and the coach at the time. And then when the trade deadline comes and Kyrie is gone, he goes, ‘Nope, I’m going to bail too.’ So just horrible stuff.

“[Durant] claims he doesn’t care about his legacy. His legacy is completely shot, to me, at this point. Even if he goes and wins a championship with the Suns. People are going to remember him from bailing and bouncing around and failing and all of these things that have been following him in his career more than anything else.”

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