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The Jets need a new starting quarterback.

Zach Wilson is not going to be the guy. The Jets need an improvement at the game’s most important position to best take advantage of the offensive talent they employ.

There have been various names floated around, and that will continue to be the case over the next few months are so. Who could play quarterback for the Jets during a crucial 2023 season?

Aaron Rodgers. One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, whose future is uncertain, may have played his final game in a Packers uniform. Green Bay could potentially trade its longtime franchise quarterback this offseason and pivot to the forgotten Jordan Love, who the Packers drafted in the 2020 first round.

It would take multiple draft picks and the Jets would be bringing in a late-30s quarterback who may only have one or two years left in him. And they’d be taking on a contract that carries a 2023 cap hit of $31.6 million. But if Rodgers is what’s going to get this team over the contender hump, the Jets should make a move.

The 2023 season will be a make-or-break year for a number of individuals, including head coach Robert Saleh, his staff, and general manager Joe Douglas. This isn’t the time to draft, develop, and rebuild — this is the time to win games.

Rodgers could make the most out of the Jets’ young and talented offense. Plus, former Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is a candidate to earn the same role with the Jets. If Saleh hires Hackett, Rodgers might welcome a move to Florham Park.

Derek Carr. But if the Jets don’t want to take a chance trading for a guy who’s in his late-30s, maybe they shoot for someone more on the younger side: Derek Carr.

The 31-year-old Raiders quarterback is on his way out of Vegas — he wasn’t even active for the final two games of the team’s miserable 2022 season.

Carr also has an expensive contract. And while that contract could force the Raiders to take less in any trade, the Jets still may need to give up a first-rounder. The Jets are desperate for a guy who can maximize the ability of this roster, and teams know this.

If Carr comes to New York, expect the Jets to have given up their No. 13 overall pick in the upcoming draft.

Jimmy Garoppolo. While Mike LaFleur is out as offensive coordinator, Jimmy Garoppolo would still be a legitimate option for the Jets in 2023.

The 49ers are likely to move forward with either Trey Lance or Brock Purdy, or both. Garoppolo will not be with the team in 2023, but he’s still someone who can assume starting quarterback duties just as long as he’s healthy.

Garoppolo is experienced and can limit the mistakes — the Jets need this, as Zach Wilson’s mistake-making and lack of experience have held them back.

Not listed: Lamar Jackson, Mike White, Zach Wilson, Tom Brady. The Ravens and Lamar Jackson will get a new deal done this offseason. They’re even including him in the search for a new offensive coordinator, so he has to be staying put in Baltimore.

While Mike White isn’t the clearcut franchise quarterback they need and will likely return to a backup role next year, Wilson has played his way off the team. Tom Brady was an interesting idea, but his rough 2022 season has altered any desire of picking up the GOAT.

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Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.