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A quick personal note on the latest sports talk radio brouhaha in the big city: I was in the car listening to WFAN when Craig Carton began poking at ex-WFANer John Jastremski.

I did not catch the whole conversation. But from what I did hear, I chalked it up as Carton needling someone he has no major issue with for the sake of edgy content, rather than launching an actual attack fueled by grievance. Comparing The Ringer to McDonald’s just could not have been serious, right?

I may have been wrong. The full accounting by Barrett Sports Media certainly suggests Carton is offended Jastremski has not taken his advice on myriad subjects, from career decisions to how he talks on-air. And Jastremski clearly agrees, considering he napalmed Carton on his “New York, New York” podcast.

The coup de grâce, via BSM: “As for career advice? Guess what? I listen to legends. Bill Simmons, you ever hear of him? Worth a lot more than you. Mike Francesa? My boy Adam Schein? I listen to those guys. I’m not listening to a crook. So you know what? Go take a f—ing hike. Let’s leave it at that.”

JJ, bomaye! JJ, bomaye!

A couple of thoughts:

• WFAN has made two colossal personnel mistakes in recent years: Letting Bart Scott go and letting Jastremski go.

• Jastremski has carved out a very nice career for himself at The Ringer and with SNY. His podcast is a great listen.

• Jastremski didn’t need to make the “crook” comment. It’s a cheap shot. A cheap shot Carton has only himself to blame for after his fraud conviction and prison stint. But still a cheap shot. No need to fight fire with fire.

• Carton respects when people come at him with guns blazing, so I would not be surprised if this tiff ends here.

• But if it does continue, please let Francesa be the third man in. We need the juice. It would make for a fun holiday season.

James Kratch can be reached at james.kratch@xlmedia.com

James Kratch is the managing editor of ESNY. He previously worked as a Rutgers and Giants (and Mike Francesa) beat reporter for NJ Advance Media.