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The Giants are sitting pretty with a 7-2 record after beating the Houston Texans on Sunday. New York has another winnable game against the Detroit Lions in Week 11, which carries some implications for the squad’s playoff chances.

Looking past Detroit to the four games that follow it on Big Blue’s schedule would be easy to do. Brian Daboll and his coaching staff will try to keep the Giants focused on Detroit despite a month of NFC East matchups coming right after it. The beginning will be on Thanksgiving against the Dallas Cowboys.

Could the Giants have a big-time playmaker on their roster for the stretch run, though? WFAN’s Tiki Barber certainly implied that New York could nab free-agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. with comments he made on the radio earlier this week.

Here’s some of what he said (quotes via WFAN):

As I watched it, I kept asking myself how much better the Giants would be, and how much bigger the Giants’ expectations could be, if they had somebody other than Saquon Barkley they could rely on for big plays. I’m not saying these guys aren’t serviceable, but how good could Daniel Jones and this team be if there was a superstar wide receiver on this squad?

I know people have up-and-down opinions on Jones still, but it’s time where the Giants have to fully believe in him and put someone around him who can make him excel and look elite and that guy is Odell Beckham Jr.

The Cowboys lost yesterday, and he doesn’t want to be there because it’s a different kind of hate if you don’t perform. But if he comes to New York, or when he comes to New York, Daniel Jones gets better and this Giants team really has a shot in the postseason, and we’d be on Cloud Nine. I’m calling for the Giants to go get Odell, because Jones has proven he can be the leader, he needs some elite talent in that wide receiver room.

It’s the “or when he comes to New York” that will surely raise an eyebrow or two. Does Tiki know something and is trying to drop hints? I mean, that’s possible, but we’ll see soon enough. For right now, it looks like he’s just really hoping New York gives Jones a playmaker as Big Blue continues a surprising march to the playoffs.

Like with former teammate Michael Strahan, the “Once a Giant, Always a Giant” saying runs deep. So, unless Tiki does know something and is trying to not give it all away, he’s just attempting to manifest a reunion, like much of the Giants’ fan base.

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