Expectations for the Giants are low this season. The secondary is inexperienced, the pass rush and offensive line are already banged up, and much of the jury is out on quarterback Daniel Jones. Not to mention, there are question marks across the board when it comes to the offensive weapons.

But Gregg Giannotti might just be the biggest doubter of them all. The WFAN morning host ripped the Giants and their quarterback Friday, just two days before the team opens the season against the Titans.

“Joe Burrow went to the Super Bowl with five guys who were in the supermarket last year. Go back and look at that offensive line, off a year when he tore his ACL because the offensive line stunk. Then he came back in a knee brace and took them to the effing Super Bowl. They had guys that were drafted in the sixth, seventh round all over that offensive line and undrafted…and he went to the Super Bowl. Why is that? Because Joe Burrow is good and Daniel Jones isn’t,” Giannotti said on Friday’s morning show with Boomer Esiason.

“Let’s take another look at Daniel Jones — maybe we missed something! It’s only been three years,” he sarcastically added. “What else do you need to see? The new general manager [Joe Schoen] is already scouting [Ohio State quarterback] C.J. Stroud and he tried to trade for Russell Wilson. He knows it’s over, how come you don’t? You know how some people think about “I can’t wait for summer” or “I can’t wait for Christmas” or “I can’t wait for my birthday” — Joe Schoen can’t wait to call Daniel Jones and this offense and say “See ya! Out of here. Now I’m going to go and build this team the way I want to.””

Gio is absolutely correct on all counts. While there are low expectations for this team, parts of the fanbase still want to give Jones the benefit of the doubt. They bring up the offensive line, weapons, defense, and coaching that have hindered his development since he entered the league.

But the entire fanbase must realize the stars just don’t align for Jones in East Rutherford. And Schoen knows it. That’s why he declined Jones’ fifth-year option back in April and attended the Notre Dame-Ohio State matchup last Saturday, a game in which Stroud, the potential 2023 No. 1 overall draft pick, was centerstage.

For Jones to remain with the Giants past this season, he will need to take a tremendous leap while the team wins games. Neither are bound to happen considering Jones’ poor decision-making, health history, and the minimal talent on the roster. There are uncertainties at various spots and the team has become worse no thanks to the release of cornerback James Bradberry, safety Logan Ryan, and linebacker Blake Martinez, three defensive starters.

If you want to be optimistic about Jones, I guess go ahead. I can’t stop you. But don’t be surprised when he’s elsewhere next year.

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Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.