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Nets’ Ben Simmons gets booed at U.S. Open, Philadelphia rejoices

Ben Simmons — the third wheel in the Nets’ recently recommitted Big Three — got booed on Friday night at the U.S. Open. An ESPN reporter posted some video to Twitter from Arthur Ashe Stadium. And then those jackals in Philadelphia swooped in.

Our brethren at Crossing Broad. WIP. The guy who ambushes all the free agents and trade acquisitions at the airport. Even perpetually aggrieved tennis writers.

Come on, folks. Move on with your lives. The Phillies are going to win the wild card! The Eagles are planning a parade already! Find peace.

It’s been a rough few days for Simmons on top of the fact he hasn’t played in an NBA game in over a year. From The Post:

Ben Simmons and fiancée Maya Jama have ended their engagement, The Post can confirm.

The Nets star and British television personality were unable to make their relationship work due to their busy schedules and long distance.

“It’s been a difficult time for them,” a source close to the couple told The Post. “While they both care for each other so much, they truly gave it their all and realize that they just come from two different worlds. They now understand they don’t have the time they thought to dedicate to this relationship.”

Here come the Philadelphians to make a joke about all of Simmons’ free time. They assaulted Santa Claus, remember.

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