“First Take” wasn’t a battle between Stephen A. Smith and Mad Dog. A chair stole the show on Wednesday.

Mad Dog vs. Chair. The new Wednesday “First Take” co-host isn’t used to the set yet. Chris “Mad Dog” Russo can’t even stay in his chair.

Unfortunately, this was the biggest highlight of the day on “First Take.” Stephen A. Smith and Mad Dog agreed, or at least partially agreed on most of the topics of the day.

They linked up in a Justin Herbert vs. Russell Wilson argument with Dan Orlovsky, but the show was a bit of a snoozefest overall.

The first three weeks of the Smith-Mad Dog duo produced hilarious moments in quick succession. Not every show is going to be like that. The combination could grow stale over time, but I’ll still be tuning in next week.

As far as the hot-take debate television shows go, Wednesday on “First Take” is worth the watch.

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