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The Giants defensive lineman spoke to the media following his team’s brutal 38-11 loss to the Rams on Sunday.

Another week, another rough performance from the New York Giants.

Given the team lost 38-11 to the Rams one week after its 44-20 defeat against the Cowboys, it makes sense why Giants fans would boo at MetLife Stadium Sunday.

But Leonard Williams doesn’t like the negative gesture.

I give Williams credit for knowing he and the team need to construct better performances.

But the boos from fans are absolutely justified.

Big Blue is now 1-5. Since the infamous boat picture in January 2017, the Giants have won just 19 games.

The type of loss the Giants suffered on Sunday has become typical for a franchise that has remained in the mud for much of the last half-decade. Fans have grown frustrated and impatient, and in the New York market (the impatience capital of America), that isn’t a pretty scene.

Against the Rams, the secondary was atrocious and allowed Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford to throw for 251 yards and four touchdowns. The pass rush wasn’t consistent either and hasn’t been all season.

Daniel Jones also threw three interceptions and played his worst game of the year thus far.

The Giants seemingly couldn’t do anything right and were totally outmatched in this Week 6 game. It’s reached the point where the team’s margin for error is basically zero — Big Blue needs to put together a perfect performance for a victory.

Trade deadline looming

There are numerous players on this roster who the Giants could consider trading ahead of the Nov. 2 deadline.

Just so you’re aware, if there are a number of guys a team could ponder trading in the middle of a season, it usually means that season isn’t turning out the way that team wants it to.

Right now, the Giants are in that position where they could be sellers at the deadline.

Saquon Barkley may not be safe and the same goes for Evan Engram, Darius Slayton, and/or Jabrill Peppers.

The disastrous state

The bottom line: the fans have the right to boo. This team hasn’t shown any sort of life or momentum since its Week 4 win over New Orleans. The offense isn’t consistent, the offensive play-calling isn’t creative, the offensive line took a step backward on Sunday, and the team has allowed 82 combined points over the last two games.

Not ideal whatsoever.

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