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Former Giants punter and Super Bowl 46 champ Steve Weatherford joins the Wide Right Podcast to speak on his seminar, “Become The CEO Of Your Life.”

You remember him from the legendary Super Bowl 46 Giants team, his greatness on special teams, and the unforgettable “We’re going to the Super Bowl” clip after winning the January 2012 NFC Championship Game.

Steve Weatherford joins ESNY’s Ryan Honey for episode 74 of the Wide Right Podcast to talk about Giants football, his newborn baby, and his seminar: “Become The CEO Of Your Life.”

Steve has been holding his seminar around the country and will host it at Hilton Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey from June 28-29.

But before we talk about the seminar, we had to speak about Steve’s newborn son, Kingston Craft, who was born in May.

“If you would’ve told me I would’ve had six kids when I was 18, 19, 20 years old, I would’ve told you you were crazy,” Weatherford told ESNY. “I always wanted a big family, but to me, a big family was, like, four people. But we just recently moved from California to Texas because of all this craziness, and Texas has been so refreshing, it’s been amazing.

“And about a month and a half after we moved here, my son was born. He’s three weeks old now, but get this: when they say everything’s bigger in Texas — my son was 12 pounds and three ounces. They didn’t measure him in inches, they measured him in feet — he was two feet long…and my wife walked out of there 23 hours later unassisted, no wheelchair, like a boss. And I was walking behind her playing the Superman theme music.”

There are many people who can greatly benefit from Weatherford’s “Become The CEO Of Your Life” seminar — parents of children, those looking to enhance their professional network, those in desire of significant motivation, and many more.

But what’s the basis of the seminar and how did it come to fruition?

“So the mission and vision for it: when I retired from the NFL — I played for 10 years, and I became really good at being vision- and goal-oriented and then having somebody help me kind of fill in the gaps between where I am right now and where I need to be in order to be the person that can become a champion,” Weatherford explained. “But when I left the NFL and went out and tried to do entrepreneurship on my own, I was really good at entrepreneurship, but then I was totally failing as a father, totally failing my physical fitness, totally failing any of my relationships.

“It wasn’t until I got a mentor and I actually got two different coaches for me — one for business and one for marriage — until I was able to kind of find that rhythm between entrepreneurship and having a business that you own that serves you or having a business that you’re serving. There were quite a few years when my marriage suffered and my health suffered because I just wanted to win, but I didn’t have a coach telling me, ‘we have a rest day on this day.’ It was always ‘more, more, more.’

“So that was really the vision and the intention behind creating something like this because for entrepreneurs, there’s really not a community where you can be like, ‘hey, what’s working for you? Have you ever struggled with something like this? How did you get through that?’ And so I have a business partner who’s mentored me and really taught me business, because I know marketing and branding really well, but business? That’s a different beast. His name’s Rylee Meek, he’s 36 years old, he’s grown nine companies to seven, eight, or nine figures each…he’s got some really incredible exercises that we’ll take these entrepreneurs through, so it’s an event for entrepreneurs or people who have an idea for a business to become an entrepreneur.”

Along with the seminar later this month in East Rutherford, Steve has another massive event coming up this year — the ten-year reunion of the 2011-12 Giants Super Bowl 46 team.

If you can recall, at one point, the Giants were 7-7 coming off a tough loss against Washington before defeating the Jets and Cowboys to conclude the regular season, winning the NFC East, and eventually becoming the Super Bowl champions.

What does Weatherford remember about how the team overcame that level of adversity at such a crucial point in the year following the Washington loss?

“If I remember correctly, that was right around the time when everybody was giving Justin Tuck a really hard time about his shoulder and not playing,” he said. “And so around that time, I remember caricatures of his face being all over the newspaper, and I remember sitting in the equipment room with him and that was where the older guys hung out, and I remember the attitude shifting around that time, kind of like, ‘you know what dude, screw the freaking media, let’s go get ours.’ Because it almost felt like they just wanted the Giants to fail and fail miserably that year for whatever reason…that banded us closer together, kind of feeling like everybody on the outside was coming after us. Because we knew at that point that we were all that we had.”

Weatherford was nice enough to further speak on that unforgettable season in which the Giants won their fourth Super Bowl title and second under former head coach Tom Coughlin.

And towards the conclusion of the interview, we were able to find out, out of all the placekickers Steve worked with throughout his career, who his favorite was, who he thought was the most fun, and who he thought was the most valuable.

Again, the “Become The CEO Of Your Life” seminar will take place June 28-29 at Hilton Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey. You can purchase tickets for $97 — Steve will have 20 team members help all attendees “discover, develop, and deploy the gifts you have inside of you.”

Those interested can also find out more information by texting Steve at 949-763-5934.

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Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.