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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Garnett took to Instagram to call out Kyrie Irving for stomping on the Boston Celtics logo after Game 4.

Kevin Garnett, who played for both the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets, didn’t appreciate Kyrie Irving‘s postgame stomping after dropping 39 points in TD Garden.

The Hall of Famer and champion with the Celtics in 2008 had harsh words for Irving, even in the wake of a Celtics fan tossing a water bottle at the Nets guard.

Clearly, Garnett was not happy with Irving’s deliberate stomp of “Lucky” after Sunday’s game. Garnett’s former teammate Glen “Big Baby” Davis took it one step further, threatening Irving because he stepped on a mascot. Kevin Durant responded to Big Baby.

The idea that any fan throwing a water bottle is an equal and opposite reaction to a player stepping on a logo is asinine. Although that isn’t what Garnett or Big Baby are arguing, clutching your pearls over a logo is ridiculous. Was it petty on Irving’s part? No doubt.

But if the Celtics don’t want someone stepping on their logo, maybe don’t let that player score 39 points and grab 11 rebounds in your building. Or feel free to win in Brooklyn and return the favor.

Obviously, Garnett and Big Baby can’t put on the kelly green and do that, but both guys could be pretty disrespectful to other players and teams during their careers.

The best way to shut up a sore winner is by making him a sore loser instead. The shorthanded Celtics are likely going to be done after Game 5 on Tuesday.

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