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Ex-Giant Brandon Jacobs spoke about his desire to return to the NFL via his personal Twitter account. Is he actually serious?

Brandon Jacobs back in the NFL?

I didn’t think I would be typing those words when I woke up this morning, nor do I think it will actually come to fruition.

But according to the man himself, he is “serious” about returning to the NFL as a defensive end and spoke about it via Twitter Thursday. Jacobs hasn’t played in the league since his 2013 stint with the Giants.

This comes after Tim Tebow signed a non-guaranteed deal with the Jaguars to return to the NFL as a tight end — Tebow hasn’t taken a regular-season snap since he played quarterback for the Jets in 2012.

Mixed feelings are present in regard to the Tebow situation.

You can laugh at the fact the Jaguars were willing to provide Tebow, a guy who hasn’t been in a regular-season game in nearly nine years, a chance at proving himself alongside young rookies looking to legitimately fulfill their dreams and earn roster spots. Or, you could say: “eh, what the hell. It’s a non-guaranteed deal and he probably won’t make the team anyway.”

Now it’s very much unclear if Jacobs is serious, even if he claims to be in the above tweet. But if he is indeed telling the truth about his desire to return to the NFL, I’m sure few would take the idea seriously — there wouldn’t really be mixed feelings about it like there are with the Tebow signing.

He’s a big, strong individual and always has been, don’t get me wrong. It was wildly entertaining to witness Jacobs utilize his significant frame as “Earth” in the “Earth, Wind, and Fire” Giants backfield of 2008. He always added elements of strength and power to the running game in East Rutherford from 2005-11 and then again when he returned in 2013.

But coming back eight years after playing his last snap? On the opposite side of the ball? During a 2021 season in which he’ll be 39 years old?

At least Tebow will be 34 by the time the upcoming regular season commences, and at least his former collegiate coach, current Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer, likely vouched for him.

I can’t see this working out for Jacobs if his statement is true — at all.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.