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The Jets drafted Florida State defensive back Hamsah Nasirildeen in the sixth round. Let’s take a look at his film from the collegiate level.

Hamsah Nasirildeen Info

  • DB, Florida State
  • Jets’ 6th-round draft pick (No. 186 overall)
  • Second-team All-ACC in 2019
  • 2019 Stats (11 games): 101 total tackles (61 solo), two tackles for loss, one sack, two interceptions (one pick-six), three pass breakups, three forced fumbles, one fumble recovery
  • Missed the first seven games of the 2020 season due to a leg injury from 2019

How Hamsah Nasirildeen will Fit into the Jets Roster

It’s unclear if Hamsah Nasirildeen will start right away (my guess is that he won’t), but the coaching staff will likely find a legitimate role for him and could provide him with a decent amount of playing time.

Nasirildeen is extremely versatile and might perform as more of a hybrid linebacker-safety given his speed and physicality. This means the Jets could field him in a number of different sets and situations and maximize the overall talent he brings to the field.

Hamsah Nasirildeen Film Room Notes

Nasirildeen and Florida State’s August 2019 loss to Boise State (12 total tackles, eight solo tackles, one pass breakup, two forced fumbles)

Right off the bat, Nasirildeen correctly reads the inside handoff and uses that speed to come up and make the hit on the Boise State running back.

Just a superb physical play from Nasirildeen — he quickly flys up to make the hit but additionally contacts the football with his shoulder pad and jars the ball loose.

The aggression and speed are on display again — Nasirildeen is capable of flying up and making the tackle before the receiver can really turn upfield for extra yardage.

Portraying on-field versatility, Nasirildeen lines up in the slot and blankets the receiver on the fade into the end zone.

And lastly, we have a huge hit from Hamsah, who forces his second fumble of the day down in the red zone.

Nasirildeen and Florida State’s October 2019 loss to Clemson (six total tackles, three solo tackles, one interception)

Nasirildeen does a great job shedding the block and making the tackle of Clemson running back Travis Etienne after a short gain.

Nasirildeen contributes to the goal-line stop on the above play.


Given Nasirildeen’s speed, athleticism, physicality, and tackling technique, Jets head coach Robert Saleh and defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich would be best off utilizing the pending rookie in more of a hybrid linebacker-safety role.

This is great though — it means the Jets could greatly benefit from his versatility and maximize the qualities he introduces to the game.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.