New York Giants DeAndre Baker
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

All armed robbery charges against former New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker have officially been dropped.

Earlier this year, former New York Giants cornerback and 2019 first-round pick DeAndre Baker found himself in a significant legal situation. The young defensive back was ultimately charged with four counts each of armed robbery and aggravated assault after an alleged incident at a May cookout in Miramar, Florida. Baker eventually hit the commissioner’s exempt list and was released by the Giants prior to the regular season.

But on Monday, things took a wild turn. According to Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News, the attorney for three of the four alleged victims, William Dean, was arrested and is now facing an “extortion charge,” one connected to Baker’s case. Shortly thereafter, Leonard reported that the Broward County State Attorney dropped all the charges against Baker.

According to Leonard, investigators stated that Dean wanted Baker to pay his clients more than $266,000 each in order for them to either stop cooperating in the case or alter their initial statements. Dean reportedly spoke to Baker’s attorneys and stated his clients would be willing to do “anything you want, so long as the money is right.”

So now, Baker is a free agent and can sign with any team, including the Giants (if they so choose to bring him back, despite the fact that it doesn’t seem likely). The NFL could still discipline Baker, but this is a crucial step in his potential journey back into the league.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.