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Trevor Lawrence is the likely pick for the Jets or Giants if they have the No. 1 pick in the draft, but will he leave Clemson for the NFL?

Trevor Lawrence is on track to be the most highly-touted prospect to enter the NFL since Andrew Luck. The Heisman Trophy favorite is the total package and although he will still have one more year of eligibility left after this season, the belief is that he’ll leave for the draft.

Lawrence’s future plans are of the utmost importance to the Jets and Giants right now. The two New York teams are currently slated to pick first and second in the 2021 NFL Draft. Although each team took a quarterback with a top-10 picks in recent years, both organizations would jump at the chance to select Lawrence. There are already rumors that the Jets are outright tanking for Lawrence.

Here’s what the Clemson quarterback had to say about his future plans:

“It’s tough, I don’t know,” Lawrence said in response to a question about the NFL. “We’ll just have to see how things unfold. There’s a lot of factors in that. But honestly, just playing this year, putting everything I have into it, and not really focusing on next year, whether I leave or stay. Obviously, I have the option to do either one.

“Kind of my mindset has been that I’m gonna move on, but who knows? There’s a lot of things that could happen.”

It’s not shocking to see Lawrence sitting on the fence here. The college football season is in full swing and he’s looking to win his second National Championship at Clemson. He’s not looking for any added distractions to make his life more difficult.

However, he does allude to the fact that his “mindset” has been that he’s going to opt for the draft after this season. Now, this is the part where people say that Lawrence will go back to school if the Jets or Giants draft first.

But that’s not likely. The first-overall pick almost always goes to a dysfunctional situation and whether or not Lawrence waits another year won’t change that.

There are other factors that could lead to him staying at Clemson like injuries, a global pandemic, etc. After experiencing the world in 2020, we should all know to expect the unexpected.

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