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via Brooklyn Nets YouTube

The Brooklyn Nets are giving a nod to the New Jersey fanbase by bringing back the 1990-91 tie-dye throwback jerseys for next season.

The Brooklyn Nets more or less turned their backs on the New Jersey portion of the fanbase after the move to New York City. Fortunately, the franchise is recognizing its roots by bringing back one of the best Nets jerseys of all-time.

The team announced the return of the tie-dye throwbacks via Twitter video with part of the caption reading, “Raised in Jersey.” It’s about time the franchise recognized its Jersey ties and gave something back to the OG fans.


These jerseys can be found on the NBA Store already. Kyrie Irving grew up in New Jersey as a Nets fan. Therefore, it’s fitting that the franchise is acknowledging its Garden State roots now that Irving is one of the faces of the team.

Not only will the Nets look good next season, but they are already one of the favorites to win the NBA Finals. Brooklyn is among the top five favorites to win it all and they only trail the Milwaukee Bucks to win the Eastern Conference.

These throwbacks bring back memories of one of the greatest Nets of all-time — Drazen Petrovic. We couldn’t help but notice him in the video the team released to announce these jerseys. The Croatian guard was truly ahead of his time and unfortunately, a tragic car accident ended his life just as his NBA career was taking off.

Here’s an old highlight of Petrovic going toe-to-toe with Michael Jordan during the 1992-93 season.

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