Joel Embiid
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The 2014 NBA Draft boasted plenty of talent. The Hoops Addicts guys went head-to-head for another re-draft episode.

The 2014 NBA Draft featured two of the game’s best big men—Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic. Both players have very different styles but they are both dominant franchise cornerstones.

At the top of this Hoops Addicts Anonymous re-draft, both Geoff Campbell and Chip Murphy were in agreement with Joel Embiid first overall. Chip referenced Embiid’s production with some historical context.

“Embiid and Giannis are the only two players since Shaq in 1999-00 to average 27 points and 13 rebounds,” Chip explained. “That’s a pretty amazing stat. And Giannis and Embiid are the only two players to put up those numbers and make a three-point shot, which I think tells you a lot about how the game is going right now.”

Chip also mentioned Embiid’s presence on the defensive end for the Philadelphia 76ers. When he’s on the court, the 76ers are sixth in the league in defensive rating and they slide to 15th when he’s off the court.

The third spot in the draft was a source of debate. Geoff opted for current Atlanta Hawks center Clint Capela. He spent some good years with the Houston Rockets as one of the league’s premier pick-and-roll threats with James Harden.

“The reason I have him this high is not because of his current production, but I am kind of one of these guys that buys into his pairing with Trae Young,” Geoff said. “I think it could be at the deterrent of John Collins, and that’s something that me and Chip have talked about in the past…but I do like the pick-and-roll threat that he and Trae can serve together in Atlanta.”

Chip selected Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie who was in the conversation as an All-Star earlier this season. A good defender with a little bit of the clutch gene, the only question is whether he will be included in a trade to bring a third star to the Nets, or is he a part of their future going forward?

Chip and Geoff also had Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon rounding out the top five and went on to discuss other players such as Julius Randle, Zach LaVine, and Marcus Smart.

ESNY staff reports.