New Jersey Devils
Kyle McKenna, ESNY Graphic

New Jersey Devils fans have waited decades for a black-themed third jersey, and MSG Networks attempted a concept version.

Introducing a third jersey for the New Jersey Devils has been widely discussed since the mid-1990s when a number of NHL teams started unveiling alternates.

Concept jerseys are found all over the world’s biggest junk drawer—the internet—but Jersey’s team has never actually introduced an official alternate. The Devils have donned both versions of the throwback red and green sweaters, but those are considered specialty jerseys since they’ve never been worn more than three times in a season.

MSG Networks kicked off its own version of Fashion Week on Monday, and its Twitter account took the campaign one step further when it posted rookie Jack Hughes in a concept third jersey. The sweater’s primary color is black, while it appears the team’s original design was modified in relation to the stripes.

Devils fans took to Twitter to deliver mixed reactions, but ultimately this is a disappointment for a black third jersey that’s been highly anticipated for almost 30 years. This hockey jersey enthusiast would rather see two thin stripes on the sleeve, rather than the color scheme from the home red jersey just outlined in thin red stripes.

One red and white stripe on the sleeves and at the base of the jersey would portray a clean and appealing appearance compared to this EA Sports “creation-zone” jersey MSG produced. Keeping the shoulder area of the sweater was a good move and perhaps introducing a shoulder patch would complement the overall appearance and sleekness.

Or replacing the middle black stripe with red would pop, while eliminating the two red stripes outlining the white.

Let’s take a look at some of the fans’ reactions:

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