WACO, TX - SEPTEMBER 09: Head coach Matt Rhule of the Baylor Bears before a game against the UTSA Roadrunners at McLane Stadium on September 9, 2017 in Waco, Texas.
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Former New York Giants head-coaching candidate Matt Rhule explains what happened with Big Blue prior to taking the Carolina job.

Matt Rhule was essentially the favorite to become the next head coach of the New York Giants. His creative offensive mind along with his ability to turn a program around were all qualities found attractive by a team coming off three straight losing seasons. Hiring him would’ve been an exciting move for the majority of fans.

Nonetheless, Rhule agreed to become the head coach of the Carolina Panthers on Tuesday morning.

But apparently, once the Panthers offered Rhule a contract, his camp spoke with the Giants. This came prior to Rhule actually agreeing to the deal. Regarding what was said on the phone call though, the now-former Baylor coach didn’t exactly provide a straight answer.

“I never had a chance to, I never talked to anyone but them [the Panthers],” Rhule said, per Danny Abriano of SNY. “I probably don’t want to say anything that, you know, that would come across in a bad way about anybody. I just want to talk about them.”

“My agent talks to everybody,” he added. “I’m sure he had lots of conversations. He’s representing a lot of guys probably also too that are in all these job mixes.”

The Giants thus had the opportunity to match the deal the Panthers gave Rhule, which was $60 million over seven seasons.

After missing out on one of their top candidates, the Giants ultimately chose Joe Judge to lead their coaching staff in 2020 and potentially beyond.

Will Big Blue be able to rise from the ashes and return to the postseason next year with a former special teams coordinator as their new coach? It’s a wait-and-see situation, and these fans must show patience.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.