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New York Jets head coach Adam Gase “feels like crap” after their most recent loss to the Miami Dolphins to drop to 1-7 on the year.

It’s safe to say that the New York Jets have hit a new low point after Sunday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins. Handing a tanking Miami team their first win is pretty embarrassing, and something that’ll be talked about the rest of this season.

And just like that, after eight games, newly-hired head coach Adam Gase is on the hot seat. It’s unclear if the Jets would consider firing him in his first year with the team. With that thought possibly in the back of his mind, along with the team’s slow start, Gase isn’t feeling too hot.

“We’re 1-7,” he said, per Kelsey Driscoll of Yahoo! Sports. “I feel like crap. You don’t put in all this time and effort to come out here and lose.”

Two losses to the Patriots are understandable. That’s a Super Bowl contender they can’t help but face twice a year. A one-point loss to the Buffalo Bills is understandable. That’s a potential playoff team on the rise. But a dud against a Dolphins team that hadn’t won a single game up to that point? That’s inexcusable.

“You’ve got to play well,” Gase added after the game. “You can’t have penalties. You can’t have missed opportunities.”

Gase and the Jets will need to figure things out against the New York Giants this Sunday afternoon. If another loss is succumbed to, Gase’s Jets tenure could come to a quick conclusion.

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