ESPN host Max Kellerman held nothing back on Wednesday, calling the New York Jets an incompetently run organization.

ESPN hosts have understandably taken some shots at the New York Jets in recent weeks. Last week, Mike Greenberg said that the team should let Adam Gase go after just one season, and now, there is new content from the network.

In response to the Jamal Adams trade rumors that did not come to fruition, First Take co-host Max Kellerman held nothing back when discussing the Jets, referring to them as an incompetently run organization.

“They’re always terrible. They’re incompetently run. Stephen A. (Smith), you’ve pointed out the Adam Gase hire, the first thing you do when you show up at the introductory press conference is have such bizarre behavior that Stephen A. Smith can turn it into a meme? On day one?”

He went on to add that “this is a poorly-run franchise, and Stephen A., this is the latest example. Let’s take him at his word, and I agree with you, Jamal Adams you and said – even if he did, his agent didn’t go around and say ‘hey, let’s get him out of here?’ But let’s take him at his word for a second okay. He said I want to stay, the GM said you’re going to stay, then he turned around behind his back and tried to shop him. Then you got to move him, you can’t then not move him if that’s what you plan to do. He didn’t successfully move him.”

Now, general manager Joe Douglas addressed the media and specified that he was not shopping Adams, merely listening when other teams called, which is not an insignificant distinction.

Douglas wasn’t looking to trade Adams, but he wasn’t willing to completely ignore the fact that Adams could bring back significant draft compensation that could accelerate a rebuild.

However, Adams was clearly unhappy that his name was being floated in rumors. Creating bad blood between a team and a star player is never a good idea for a front office, and optics of a team possibly shopping one of their best players is not great.

All fences can be mended with time and effort, and with how much Adams has invested emotionally in leading the team and recruiting other players, and how much he’s invested in being a leader for the team, it’s unlikely that he would be unwilling to mend those fences and move forward.

If anything, it might motivate him to bring his already excellent game to even higher levels. If he does, he’ll be downright unfair to opposing offenses.

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