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Former New York Jets offensive lineman Damien Woody gives his take on the Jamal Adams trade deadline saga.

It’s been a newsworthy couple of days for the New York Jets organization. What’s funny is that their activity at Tuesday’s deadline was actually very limited. New York gave up Leonard Williams to the New York Giants for a 2020 third-round pick and a 2021 fifth-round pick. Other than that, no moves were made.

However, general manager Joe Douglas did indeed field calls regarding All-Pro safety Jamal Adams. This led to Adams accusing Douglas of “shopping” him to other teams, something Douglas denies. Despite Douglas claiming to only field calls, Adams still isn’t happy that trading him was even a thought in the first place.

It’s become a known saga since Tuesday, and on Wednesday, former Jets offensive tackle and current ESPN analyst Damien Woody offered up his take on the saga.

“What Jamal Adams needs to understand, is that it’s not personal. This is the business of football,” Woody said. “It is literally Joe Douglas’ job to listen to offers that he feels would improve the football team in the longterm. Quite honestly, Jamal Adams, as good as he is, is a luxury for the Jets right now.”

Woody explained that there are three main issues for the Jets right now: their offensive line, pass rush, and cornerback spot. Sometimes, teams have to look to give up their luxuries in order to get better at their depleted positions.

Therefore, it made sense for the Jets to at least be open to trading Adams, Le’Veon Bell, or Robby Anderson.

“Stay off of Twitter, social media, and understand that this is all business. It’s never personal,” Woody concluded.

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