Taurean Prince
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie is very excited to play with Taurean Prince, and for good reason. Prince can knock ’em down.

In part two of his interview with the New York Post‘s Brian Lewis, Spencer Dinwiddie touched on a variety of different topics; he defended the digitalization of his recent extension, he made a couple of snarky remarks about the NBA’s recent tampering reform, and he even threw in a slight jab at some of the bigger market teams (the Lakers and New York Knicks in particular).

However, most notably, he highlighted the potential of his new teammate, Taurean Prince.

Prince, who was acquired by the Nets on June 6 during the Allen Crabbe salary dump, is coming off three solid seasons in Atlanta. Most recently, the combo forward put together an outstanding offensive season: 13.5 points, 3.6 rebounds, 2.1 assists on 57.5% true shooting.

It appears Dinwiddie took note of Prince’s brilliance on offense. Dinwiddie went as far in saying, “He’s going to be a pleasant surprise, somebody a lot of people are discounting. Can really, really, really shoot it.”

Kudos to Dinwiddie for propping up his new teammate. But “really, really shoot it” is only telling half the story. Last season, Prince shot 39% from deep on a considerable 5.7 attempts per game. When given looks off the catch, Prince knocked down trey-balls at a deadly 42.8%.

Perhaps my favorite stat of all: Prince connected on 39.2% of his 147 total “open” three-point looks. In Brooklyn, expect his number of open looks to only increase; the Nets generated the second-most “open” three-pointers of all 30 teams.

Prince and Dinwiddie are beginning an exciting new union, in which the 6-foot-6 point guard will be supplying the crafty shooter with open three-point looks all season long. Knowing what we know about the 25-year-old 3-and-D prospect, there’s a good chance Prince knocks shots looks down.

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