Baker Mayfield
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The outspoken Baker Mayfield texted New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones after publicized comments in recent GQ article.

On Tuesday, Baker Mayfield set the NFL world ablaze with comments about New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones.

Quoted in a GQ profile, Mayfield discussed his shock at Jones’ selection, even adding that the pick “blew his mind.”

Mayfield rushed to clarify his comments in the profile, saying they were taken “out of context.” Now, he says that he actually took upon the notion to text Jones and clear the air after the media frenzy.

Numerous individuals within the Giants organization responded. Jones himself, Pat Shurmur, Evan Engram, Dexter Lawrence, and others were hounded by reporters for an opinion on the critical quotes.

Jones didn’t respond much to it initially, saying that he actually likes watching Mayfield play. It doesn’t seem like much phases Jones anyway, supporting the opinion that he’s “Eli Manning 2.0″

Mayfield noted that the interview for the article took place back in April, the same month Big Blue drafted Jones.

Mayfield deserves credit for reaching out to Jones to clear everything up. Whether you believe Mayfield’s comments were uncalled for or not, it’s a professional move to just clear the air and move on.

Jones will play in his third preseason game this Thursday in Cincinnati. It’s the so-called “dress rehearsal” exhibition game that could feature Manning for the entire first half. Therefore, fans may have to wait until the third quarter to receive another glimpse of the rookie quarterback.

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