Evan Engram
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

New York Giants tight end Evan Engram and rookie defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence clap back at Baker Mayfield for Daniel Jones comments.

On Tuesday, GQ published a Baker Mayfield profile done by Clay Skipper. Within the interview for the piece, Mayfield touched upon the New York Giantsselection of Daniel Jones. Needless to say, Mayfield couldn’t believe the pick, adding that it blew his mind.

After responses from Giants head coach Pat Shurmur and Jones himself, more Giants are now responding to Mayfield’s comments. Both tight end Evan Engram and rookie defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence came to Jones’ side on Tuesday.

“It’s kind of dumb,” Engram said, per Matt Lombardo of nj.com.

“There are two types of people in this world,” Engram said. “There are people who run their mouths and cry for attention and there are people who put their head down, get to work and get stuff done. That’s everything Daniel’s been doing.”

Lawrence added, per the Giants official website, “All I can say is I’m happy Daniel (Jones) is a part of my team. I played against him in college and he did his thing. You know we can just control what we can control. He comes in and works hard every day and he deserves respect, but I guess he’s got to go and earn it.

“I mean, he doesn’t let things like that phase him at all. He knows who he is, he knows how hard he works, he knows where he came from. It’s just people talking again and you can’t control that … He deserves a lot more respect than that.”

Baker can run his mouth all he wants. Anyone can run their mouth all they want. It doesn’t seem like it’ll really get a rise out of Jones. It’s as simple as that.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.