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New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and Baker Mayfield both respond to Mayfield’s comments in recent GQ profile.

On Tuesday, GQ released a profile on Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, written by Clay Skipper. Within the interview, Mayfield appeared to take a shot at the New York Giantsselection of quarterback Daniel Jones.

“I cannot believe the Giants took Daniel Jones,” Mayfield said. “Blows my mind.”

This, of course, has caused a whirlwind of headlines already and has made its way to Jones, who was asked about it.

Being the class act that he is, Jones didn’t take any sort of shot at Mayfield in response.

He’s essentially Eli Manning 2.0. This is exactly the type of response that Eli would give in a situation such as this.

And now, Mayfield has given a response to these articles, essentially calling it a “click bait” story.

“This is not what I said … just so we’re clear. I also said I was surprised I got drafted number one,” Mayfield said via Instagram. “Then was talking about the flaws in evaluating QB’s. Where I brought up winning being important. Reporters and media will do anything to come up with a click bait story. Heard nothing but good things and wish nothing but the best for Daniel.”

Although Mayfield refutes the context of what was said, there’s no doubt that his comments started a media feeding frenzy that traveled all the way to New York. Giants head coach Pat Shurmur even responded to Baker’s comments in the article, calling them “unoriginal.”

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