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New York Jets head coach Adam Gase speaks on how New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been able to win two Super Bowls.

Say what you want about New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. However, you can’t deny he’s always been a competitor. And when he gets to the playoffs, he’s been able to flip a switch and become even more locked-in than ever.

New York Jets fans may try to deny that, but the head coach of the organization won’t.

During an appearance on The Michael Kay Show on Monday, Adam Gase praised Manning for his style of play during his two Super Bowl runs.

“I always look at it like this, when he’s gotten into the playoffs, his focus and his ability and his fearlessness . . . that’s what got him two rings. And they beat New England doing it,” Gase said. “Everybody teed it up like, ‘undefeated season!’ And he’s like, ‘all right, well see.’

“He’s got a calmness about him. . . The times I’ve been around him, you can always tell this guy is steady.”

Gase will be able to coach against Manning twice this year. Of course, the first matchup will only be a preseason game. It’ll be both teams’ first preseason game, held at MetLife Stadium on Aug. 8.

However, the crosstown rivals will also see each other during the regular season. The Giants and Jets will face off in a Week 10 game, with the Jets as the home team at MetLife on Sunday, Nov. 10. The game will kick off at 1 p.m. ET.

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