Stephen A. Smith
(John Salangsang/Invision/AP)

Stephen A. Smith doesn’t suffer fools gladly and he didn’t give one caller the time of day after he found out he was smoking some weed.

Danny Small

It doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him. Stephen A. Smith is one of the most entertaining people in sports media. The ESPN personality has a long-standing feud with weed.

On Friday, when one caller sounded like he was a little off, Smith figured out that he was just a little high. Smith wasn’t going to stand for that.

“I got you. Have a nice day,” Smith said after the caller said that weed is legal in D.C. “Have a nice day. No. You just admitted it. You’re on some weed. You called up the show while on some weed. I asked you if you were on something and you said some weed is legal. I’m assuming that means, ‘Stephen A., I ain’t breaking no laws, but I called your show HIGH.’

“So guess what? GOODBYE! Call me when you’re a bit lucid and more clear.”

Say what you want about Smith’s sports takes, it’s almost impossible to dislike his crusade against weed. It’s become a meme that Smith plays up, but this reaction was hilariously genuine.

Stephen A. is a takesman—a man of the “take” if you will. He respects a good (or hot) take and that’s what he’s spent his entire life doing. But he just doesn’t have time to mess around with people who can’t stay off the weed.