Dave Gettleman
(AP Photo / Adam Hunger)

The New York Giants are all in on Daniel Jones and general manager Dave Gettleman is confident in the pick.

Dave Gettleman is public enemy No. 1 among New York Giants fans right now. After trading Odell Beckham Jr. earlier in the offseason, he followed that up by selecting Duke quarterback Daniel Jones sixth overall.

But don’t worry, the embattled general manager said someone at his bagel shop liked the pick. Gettleman spoke to Peter King of NBC about the pick.

“I’ll give you one,” Gettleman told King. “I was at my bagel shop this morning. Guy said to me, ‘Dave, great pick.’ “

More importantly, Gettleman spoke with King about why they didn’t take pass rushing extraordinaire Josh Allen at six and hope that Jones fell to 17.

“I agonized over that,” Gettleman said. “I agonized. Before the draft, we discussed that thoroughly as a group—first last Friday, then again Wednesday. Obviously we had great regard for Josh Allen. But the one thing I have learned is you don’t fool around with a quarterback. If he’s your guy, you take him. If you put 32 general managers in a room and gave ‘em sodium pentathol [truth serum], every single one of them would tell you a story of how they got cute in a draft and it cost them a player they wanted. So you don’t get cute there. You don’t get cute with a quarterback.”

While it’s easy to understand the logic behind Gettleman’s decision to take Jones at six, it certainly looks like a reach based on Jones’ resume. Of course, Gettleman is preaching patience and wants to check back in on this pick years down the road.

“In three years,” he said, “we’ll find out how crazy I am.”

He’s already mentioned the possibility of using the “Green Bay model” for Jones. That would mean when two or three more years of Eli Manning under center before Jones plays any meaningful snaps.

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