Dwayne Haskins
AP Photo/Jay LaPrete

The New York Giants will reportedly host Ohio State quarterback and NFL Draft prospect Dwayne Haskins for a visit next week.

There’s something funny about the NFL Draft. Every year, a certain number of top 10 players fall out of the prestigious category as draft-time nears. Performances at the NFL Scouting Combine as well as their respective pro days force scouts to go back-and-forth on certain players. Other factors, of course, play into the big picture as well.

Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins is one of these players.

The New York Giants have the No. 6 and 17 overall picks in the draft later this month. With QB Eli Manning on his way out in the coming years, the general belief was that the Giants were going to go after Haskins for their succession plan. The general belief was also one in which Haskins may not even be available at No. 6 for the Giants. But, to go back to the point made in the beginning, that was in February and March.

Now it’s April and Haskins’ draft stock is plummeting. NFL Analyst Peter King reported that Haskins could be the fourth quarterback taken in the draft. This could mean quarterbacks such as Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray, Duke’s Daniel Jones and Missouri’s Drew Lock could be chosen before the Ohio State product.

The Giants, however, aren’t taking their eye off of Haskins. After visiting the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos (who have the No. 15 and 10 overall picks, respectively), Ohio State Football Writer Dan Hope reports the Giants are next up to meet with Haskins.

The Giants taking Haskins with either of their two first-round picks isn’t set in stone. They most likely won’t use the No. 6 pick on him, as that could be used for one of the elite defensive linemen in this draft class.

However, there are multiple teams selecting between the Giants’ two picks that need a long-term answer at quarterback. The Redskins and Broncos need their quarterbacks of the future. So do the Miami Dolphins at No. 13 overall. When the No. 17 pick rolls around and the Giants wish to take a quarterback, Haskins may be the best one available.

For what it’s worth, Giants GM Dave Gettleman has mentioned before that he likes to take the best player available at the time of selection. If that’s the case during the first round, the New York Giants very likely make take Haskins with that second pick.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.