Manny Machado
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There have been numerous reports that Manny Machado wants to play with the New York Yankees, and his wife, Yainee, is rumored to be a big reason for that desire.

Aaron Case

Clicking through news stories about Manny Machado probably makes some New York Yankees fans feel like a kid with a crush in heart and a daisy in hand. Every article is another flower petal pulled off, and they’re just waiting to see if the last one lands on “He wants us” or “He wants us not.”

Machado follows YES Network on Instagram. Then he unfollows them. Manny doesn’t like Philadelphia. Cancel that, Philly will probably offer the most money.

The latest gossip in this drama is that Machado’s wife, Yainee, could push her husband toward the Bronx. According to Wallace Matthews at the Daily News, a source near Machado said that Yainee could be the deciding factor.

Per Matthews, Yainee “has a very strong influence on her husband’s decision-making” and loves the idea of living in NYC.

Conventional wisdom indicates that a happy wife translates into a happy life. If Mrs. Machado really feels that way about New York, Manny might want to call Brian Cashman right now.

For those Yankees fans willing to overlook Machado’s on-field shortcomings, word of Yainee’s wishes is great news. Those who prefer not to spend $30 million or more on a man repulsed by hustle may not agree.

Still, with Didi Gregorius out and the ghost of Troy Tulowitzki currently the starter at shortstop, even the most anti-Manny fans should begrudgingly accept a Machado signing.

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This is a guy who hit 37 home runs and drove in 107 runs in 2018. The 26-year-old also slashed .297/.367/.538 last season between Baltimore and Los Angeles.

As much as I’ve spoken out against Machado (here, here, and here), I could learn to accept him. However, that acceptance is contingent on him improving as he heads into his prime MLB years. And that’s scarily possible.

After all, if Yainee lives the good life in the Big Apple, he’ll really have to hustle for his next contract.

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