Manny Machado
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Nothing is official, but if Manny Machado’s Instagram follows are any indication, the superstar is set to join the New York Yankees.

It may feel like we’re reading tea leaves, but it looks as though Manny Machado is a lock to sign with the New York Yankees. The superstar infielder’s recent Instagram activity points to a future in the Bronx.

Machado is following a host of Yankees players including Aroldis Chapman, Aaron Hicks, and Gleyber Torres. Heck, Machado followed YES Network for good measure.

There are two possibilities here. The first is that Machado is signing with the Yankees. The second possibility is that Machado is signing elsewhere, but he really wants to keep up with the Yankees because he’s a big fan of Michael Kay and David Cone on the YES Network telecast.

Jokes aside, this appears to be an indication that Machado intends to sign with the Yankees. Of course, nothing is final until he signs on the dotted line, but we already know that New York is his preferred destination.

If the Yankees have extended an offer that he feels comfortable with, perhaps he’s just preparing to accept the deal and join the Bronx Bombers. If not, this is a pretty cruel move by Machado. Yankee fans are already giddy at the prospect of signing a major superstar to add to their already potent lineup.

Machado’s free agency is still a developing story, but perhaps his social media activity is good news for the Yankees.

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