The New York Jets are waiting until spring to dispense one last Christmas gift, as the team’s uniforms are apparently getting a makeover.

Green garb traditionally dominates the December holiday season. On Christmas Day, the New York Jets, year-round wearers of green, teased a new outfit set to bring comfort and joy.

In a Twitter video posted on Tuesday afternoon, Jamal Adams opens a chest marked by his name. Whatever’s inside causes the Pro Bowl safety to let out a jovial, and censored, expletive.

Though the chest’s contents are not revealed to the viewer, the video ends with an unspecified date of “Spring 2019”. The accompanying hashtag of “#JetsNewUnis” confirms the aesthetic connection.

News of a uniform change first emerged in July via a video showcasing the Jets’ previous looks. The Jets’ last underwent an on-field makeover in 1998, when they emerged in an updated version of their most popular branding, the “Jets” oval complete with an oval and a football.

It’s no surprise that Adams was chosen to be the first to “view” the Jets’ new jerseys. Back in March, Adams offered an aesthetic take, sharing a doctored photo of himself clad in an updated version of the Jets’ white jersey worn from 1978-90.

The look was complete with a similar helmet from the era with the word “Jets” spelled out with a speedbird-like shape protruding from the J. Responses to Adams’ post were mostly positive.

Presumably, the New York Jets final game in their current uniform set will take place on Sunday afternoon, when they visit the New England Patriots in their 2018 season finale (1:00 p.m. ET, CBS).

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