The New York Jets will unveil brand new uniforms during the Spring of 2019 to celebrate the organization’s 60th AFL-NFL season.

It is finally happening. The New York Jets will be changing up the classic uniform.

Announced on the team’s official Twitter account and by Eric Allen of the team’s official website, the Jets organization will unveil brand new team uniforms in the Spring of 2019 to celebrate the team’s 60th AFL-NFL season.

The team announced it via a word search.

The video teaser (above) only indicates that it’s going to happen. It, of course, doesn’t provide any details in terms of what the unis will look like.

Both excitement and anxiety come with this announcement. Excitement in the idea much of the fan base has requested this for quite some time and anxiety stemming from the idea we have no idea what the organization will do with the unis.

Of course, the video highlights the changes over the years clearly. Starting as the AFL’s New York Titans, the blue and gold uniforms were worn for three years prior to the organization rehaul as the “Jets” in 1963.

From 1978 through 1990, the franchise switched to the kelly green jerseys with kelly green helmets. In addition, the classic logo was ditched for the “Jets” logo. For the next eight seasons, the team stuck with the kelly green but with a black accent that had not been seen prior.

Bill Parcells came in in 1997 and after just one season, switched the uniforms back to the classics, the white helmet look with hunter green.

Personally, there’s only one choice in terms of helmet and logo: the classic logo. The Jets should always wear a white helmet and always keep the traditional, old-school vibes intact pertaining to the standard uniforms.

However, I do believe a kelly green helmet alternate (worn two games per season) would work as a perfect complement.

The question surrounding that strategy would then revolve around just how “updated” can the organization make each uniform? It’d be impossible to combine both looks unless they go with a Pittsburgh Steelers type helmet in which one side looks extremely different than the other.

It’ll be interesting to see what they cook up for next spring.


  1. Uhhhh…. NO!
    Darron Lee will be gone to obscurity in a few years. Who cares what Lee wants?

    The NYJ uni doesn’t suck or need upgrading. The players inside them do.
    As for new unis, we’ve seen what modern unis look like in Seattle, Tampa, Miami, Denver and “modern” sucky idiotic number fonts in Detroit, Minny, Tampa, Baltimore look like and the truth is “modern look” has you guys looking like a bunch of baggots.
    When NYJ had those Titans unis on it didn’t even feel like OUR team was playing in the game. Unless you are going back to the Kelly Green color do not mess with success of classic looks. Learn something from Green Bay, Oakland, Kansas City, Chicago.
    And please, NO black incorporated anywhere. If you want to look like a bunch of gangsta thugs go play in Cincinnati.