LeBron James, Jarrett Allen
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

LeBron James downplayed Jarrett Allen’s ferocious rejection in the Brooklyn Nets’ 115-110 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s understandable that LeBron James was a little salty after his Los Angeles Lakers fell to Jarrett Allen and the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday. He played well, but his team still fell to D’Angelo Russell and a surging Brooklyn squad.

Following the game, James was asked about Allen’s block in the first quarter. James sounded a bit salty when he

“He’s in his twenties, I’m in my thirties,” James told Anthony Puccio of SB Nation. “It takes me a little longer to get warmed up, but that’s fine. When you’re a shot blocker, I’m sure you can get a block. It happens. It’s probably all over social media, so that’s cool.”

It’s understandable that James is a bit salty after being rejected by Allen. He’s not used to the feeling.

Allen’s block on James was historic. James has been unbelievably good at finishing his dunks during his career and Allen’s block was just the ninth time James has been blocked on a dunk attempt in his career.

Not only was the block historic, but it was an absolute jaw-dropper. Allen shows no fear and the rest of the NBA finally saw what every Nets fan knows already: Allen is a beast at the rim.

Allen shows no fear in going after prolific dunkers, already rejecting Blake Griffin earlier this year. Although no shot blocker can win every battle at the rim, Allen holds his own as well as anybody in the league.

And yes, we will show the block one more time.

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