New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
(Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

The Miami Miracle (when the Miami Dolphins stunned the New England Patriots) reimagined in Tecmo Super Bowl is the best thing ever.

Robby Sabo

Ladies and gentlemen— especially New York Jets fans who remember sports gaming at the turn of the 1990s decade—ready yourself to watch the greatest thing on the face of the Earth.

Well, let’s back up for a moment. You may have literally just watched the greatest thing of all-time when Rob Gronkowski went full Chris Berman—rumbling, bumbling, stumbling—in allowing the Miami Miracle to go down in the books.

It simply set the stage for the greatest item in history:

Millennials don’t know what the hell they just watched.

Yes, it’s Tecmo Super Bowl, the first great “real-feel” NFL football video game in history.

Born in 1991 as the second edition to Tecmo Bowl, Tecmo Super Bowl rewrote sports gaming history. It led to EA Sports upping its game in the areas of Madden NFL, NBA Live and, most importantly, the NHL series.

Users could actually decide which players to start on offense. Though the defense was still off-limits (in terms of substituting), this was revolutionary.

Keeping this idea in mind, Rob Gronkowski would have no business playing a defensive back position in anticipation of a hail mary.

If only Bill Belichick was forced to play under the 1991 Tecmo Super Bowl rules, he wouldn’t have made such a tremendous error. The grandpa-like agility shouldn’t be out there unless a true hail mary situation (near midfield) was the actual situation.

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