At 3-7, only preparing the future is at the heart of the New York Jets plans. Today, we sort through which employees are keepers.

Robby Sabo

Yes. It’s officially that time. Time for New York Jets fans to unite with frustration on the mind. Time to fight with one another in searching for answers as fandom envisions a plan in so swiftly turning the page to a successful era.

Similarly to the last couple seasons, 2018 has gone by the way of the disappointment. At 3-7, there’s nothing left but Sam Darnold and the future.

Only one questions remains. Just who should remain a part of that future? We start with the easy one.

Sam Darnold: Keeper

The feeling about young Sam Darnold isn’t all that warm and fuzzy right now. It’s understandable.

The 21-year-old USC product is currently leading the league in interceptions (14) and hasn’t even set foot on an NFL football field the last two weeks. His 11 scores and 1,934 yards on a grotesque 55 completion percentage doesn’t do much to help matters, either.

In your state of sudden depression, fear not. This rookie performance through nine starts simply cannot be pinned on the kid. A terrible offensive line meshed with an antiquated Bill Walsh-run west coast system via Jeremy Bates has led to a disastrous playing field for the kid.

Sam Darnold remains a keeper. His awareness in the pocket is top notch as is his throw on the run ability. He’s absolutely capable of running a top-flight offense circa Patrick Mahomes or Jared Goff.

Jeremy Bates: Goner

Jeremy Bates? Forget about it. He’s done.

The empty set in the NFL (other than for a few teams, namely the New England Patriots due to Tom Brady’s smarts) died a decade ago once the principles of The Greatest Show on Turf became extinct, yet Bates lives on the outdated look.

He also rarely mixes in the underneath jet-sweep which is currently sweeping the NFL. The few times he does sprinkle it in, it’s always an outdated outside version when we see Robby Anderson get the ball in a bad spot.

Bates can’t be removed quick enough.

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