Mitchell Robinson
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New York Knicks rookie Mitchell Robinson is showcasing scary good talent and court play that’ll go a long way for his organization.

Robby Sabo

When an NBA center legitimately holds down the fort at 7-foot-1 with a wingspan of 7-foot-4, it’s a tremendous thing. When the very same individual can actually guard opposing guards, a frightening discussion needs to be had.

How’s that even possible?

For those asking the question, a complicated answer may follow or at least be attempted. If you’re running short of time, simply tell the question maker to target No. 26, Mitchell Robinson, for a quick example of how it is, indeed, possible.

The New York Knicks second-round gem is now the team’s starting five-man, well ahead of Monday night’s star Enes Kanter. The David Fizdale move was made for one amazingly great reason: defense.

The following film lays out just how unreal Robinson’s┬ádefense and intangibles via his defense already are and just how scary his defensive experience will be.

Welcome to the Mitchell Robinson scary defensive experience:

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