Tom Brady
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There are a number of exciting options at quarterback in 2018. Here’s a definitive ranking for your fantasy football draft.

Drafting Advice for quarterbacks:

If you aren’t the first person in your league to draft a quarterback, be the last. There is so much talent at the position that anyone inside the top 15 can be a starter for your fantasy teams. If you wait on drafting a quarterback, draft two of them inside the top 15 and play the one with the better matchup. If you draft one of the top five, it would be smart to lock up another one because if they get hurt, your team won’t crumble from wasting a draft pick on a quarterback early in the draft. Be patient or be the first to draft a quarterback this season.

Outside the top 20:

Target these five quarterbacks as bye-week fillers. If you get them in the right matchup when your every week starter is out, they should have no problem getting you the 14 plus points you need. Don’t go into the season (outside of a 20-team league) with these guys as your only quarterback on the roster.

25. Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville is a rush-first team but Blake Bortles has had some sneaky fantasy upside in the right matchup. He had five games of scoring 20 or more fantasy points. However, he had 11 games where he threw for one touchdown or fewer. It might be best to avoid playing Blake Bortles unless he’s in a dream matchup

24. Sam Bradford, Arizona Cardinals-

Don’t expect huge numbers from Sam Bradford but if he is in the right matchup or you need a bye-week filler, Bradford is a solid choice. He will target Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson and those are two solid options which makes him a quarterback that should be on your radar.

23. Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders-

Derek Carr had two games last season scoring more than 20 fantasy points. He had three games in where he of scored less than 10 fantasy points. The Raiders will be a run-first team under new head coach Jon Gruden and it will be difficult for Carr to have consistent fantasy value in 2018.

22. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott is a better real-life quarterback then fantasy option. Besides Zeke Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys offense might be the worst in the NFL. Who is he going to throw the ball too? Maybe if Michael Irvin comes out of retirement but until then, stay away. Even 22 might be too high of a ranking.

21. Tyrod Taylor, Cleveland Browns

This is the best offense that Tyrod Taylor has played in. There are weapons everywhere (Jarvis Landry, Josh Gordon and Duke Johnson is a receiver coming out of the backfield). Tyrod is the perfect second quarterback to have roster and chances are he will go undrafted in your league.

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