Mike Francesa
Cindy Ord | Getty Images for SiriusXM

Mike Francesa appears to be struggling to adapt to Twitter after posting two contradictory tweets just hours apart.

This isn’t radio, big guy. You can’t just deny that you said something and hand wave the caller off the air when you post your opinions to Twitter. Mike Francesa hilariously contradicts himself in consecutive tweets. The first is about preseason football and the second proclaims Sam Darnold as the starting quarterback of the New York Jets.

This is peak Francesa, but it’s not surprising. He might not realize that his tweets stick around forever. Usually on his show when a caller calls him out on something he just argues and cuts them off. Now, the receipts are out in the open.

Maybe this is Mike’s way of testing us. He wants everyone to ignore his second tweet about Darnold.

But in all likelihood, the Sports Pope just forgot about what he tweeted earlier and hilariously tied himself up into a pretzel for all the world to see. This must be why Twitter was begging Mike to sign up. They knew he would tweet out awesome content like this.

In fact, we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg for what Francesa can do on Twitter. As far as we know, he’s still working on “training wheels” and we are in store for a lot more.

Never change, Mike.

Francesa doesn’t return to the airwaves until Monday, Aug. 13 as he’s on vacation right now. Hopefully, some of the Mongos remember Mike’s hysterical Darnold tweet and ask him about it when he returns.

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