The publishing company Tronc, slashed its newsroom at the New York Daily News and Michael Kay is not happy about it at all.

Michael Kay has some choice words for Tronc after the publishing company made sweeping cuts to the New York Daily News newsroom. Kay took the cuts extremely personal as he’s a former employee of the Daily News. This one hits especially close to home for him.

It’s a tough day for many as the Daily News will never be the same.

For one, the sports department was cut from 35 people to just nine. The coverage won’t be the same. It’s just physically impossible. For sports fans, what’s the point of keeping your subscription to the paper? The sports coverage will be non-existent.

The paper laid off institutions on the New York sports beat. Knicks beat writer Frank Isola and Yankees beat writer Mike Mazzeo are two of the most notable writers to be swept up in the layoffs. Love them or hate them, it’s always tough to see people lose their jobs.

Tronc and the NYDN were losing money in a big way. No one feels bad for corporations losing money, but when real people lose their jobs, it feels a bit more real. Hopefully, everyone lands on their feet.

When things go bad, it always feels like the little guy is the one who’s hit hardest. I can’t talk about the specifics of the financials that led to the sweeping layoffs, but this is yet another example of the changing media landscape. Adapt or die.

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