Jordan Leggett Clemson
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The New York Jets put a lot of faith in Jordan Leggett this offseason, and he’s determined to take advantage of the opportunity.

The New York Jets placed a lot of faith in tight end, Jordan Leggett, this offseason when they made no significant addition to the position in free agency. The team didn’t even bring back Austin Seferian-Jenkins, and apparently was never too interested in re-signing him.

The team entered camp with several tight ends, but the two that stuck out were Leggett and fourth-round pick Chris Herndon, who was recently arrested for driving while intoxicated per Rich Cimini of ESPN.

Leggett has a huge opportunity entering his de facto rookie season (he missed all of last year with an injured knee). He was ranked as one of three make-or-break players by ESNY’s Robby Sabo. He spoke to Brian Costello of the New York Post about his motivation and opportunities.

After admitting that missing last year “sucked,” he went on to speak about how he had wanted to make an impact. “My rookie year, I want to come into the NFL and I want to play, but it didn’t happen like that last year. Hopefully, now I’m good to go. I feel great. I get a chance at it this year.”

The big thing for the Jets and their fans to take away from this is that he feels good. That’s a big deal for a player who missed an entire season to say this early in the offseason program. He said he is “between 90 and 100 percent.”

He feels that coach Todd Bowles and his staff have faith in him and his fellow tight ends, which gives him confidence entering this season.

“I felt like they had to have confidence in the tight-end room in the guys that were still in there after Austin left. There’s a starting job out there so we’re all out there fighting for it and working hard every day.”

Leggett caught 112 receptions for 1,598 yards and 18 TDs in his four seasons at Clemson before being drafted by the Jets. He spoke about how his injury has not changed his goals, but rather just forced him to get a late start on them.

“I just kind of put them on hold just for last year. I kind of had to play a different role, not being on the field, just helping guys in any way possible. I still have goals. Whenever I do happen to get on the field, I’m out there to play ball and try to reach these goals that I’m going for.”

If Leggett can reach those goals and give the team some production out of the tight end spot, it would go a long way towards improving their offense.

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